Dear partners,

The management and our staff are committed to providing a comprehensive package of quality products and services that will ensure the development of the company itself, together with the growth and prosperity of its customers.

In conclusion, to achieve these priority objectives, apart from the trade of high quality materials, our professional staff provides a wide range of high quality and efficiency services.

Briefly mention the following essential services:
• Analysis of engineering plans and proposal of appropriate products by qualified engineers experienced diplomats.
• Feasibility study based standards
• Qualified workshop electro-HDPE parts welds
• Rental welding machines E / F couplers and frontal welding of pipes & HD-PE parts
• Qualified workshop welds Butt Welding
• Maintenance - Engine Repair E / F and Butt Welding by certified workshop
• Analysis and awareness of European standards
• Visit our engineers on site for staff training
• Timely delivery of products under its own
• Organization uninterrupted flow of project implementation

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Address : Ag. Stefanos Attikis 145 68 - Stratopedou Avenue ABYP (Ag. Stefanos)
Telephone: +30 210 8161744-745 , Fax : +30 210 8161230 , Email : info@technoroi.com
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