Our company TECHNOROI S.A. was founded in order to supply companies with materials for aboveground and underground water networks, gas pipes and cable protection pipes.

With a wide range of products from Greece and abroad we offer inetergrated solutions for businesses, with supreme quality materials and the most competitive prices in the market, in order to meet the needs of Technical Public Sector companies as well as private constructions.

Our company employs skilled technical staff and is continually investing in infrastructure and organization so as to become the Ideal Partner for your Technical Project. At our 6,500 m2 warehouse, there is a full stock of materials and our private trucks make direct deliveries to construction sites, in various agencies throughout Athens, as well as our extended client networks.

The administration and company staff guarantee to provide a complete package of quality products and services that will ensure the development and satisfaction of our clients.

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Address : Ag. Stefanos Attikis 145 68 - Stratopedou Avenue ABYP (Ag. Stefanos)
Telephone: +30 210 8161744-745 , Fax : +30 210 8161230 , Email : info@technoroi.com
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